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The Vagabond Ballroom is located in West Oakland between San Pablo and West Grand Avenue, at 830 Isabella St.

Click here to view a map.

We are 0.7 miles from 19th street BART; a 16 minute walk through a not-so-savory part of San Pablo Ave. This option is only recommended for large groups of people, or those with bicycles. Street parking is free and plentiful (on both Isabella st. and West ave – avoid West Grand), but please don’t leave valuables in your car.

Carpooling is encouraged to keep street parking on Isabella st. accessible during larger events. We ❤ designated drivers.


Household “quiet hours” are between 2am and 8am, as a courtesy to residents and neighbors. The rest of the time, you never know! We’re all hustle and bustle over here with rehearsals, photo-shoots, parties, workshops, etc.

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The Vagabond Ballroom is a members-only club and Theatre.


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